Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My KK2 Cameo - For Real!

I was at AIM a few saturdays back when I got a Missed Call from an unfamilliar number. Then an sms came in that said KK2 director, Aidil, was offering me a scene to appear in. Gulp! - was my first reaction. Of course, it'd be totally cool to appear in the drama I co-created and wrote the story for... And I kinda knew which part Aidil was talking about. But instead of accepting right away, I chose to sleep over it and decide the next day, which was also the day of the shoot.

When "tomorrow" came, I was pumped up to give it a shot. I called Aidil and got a brief from him on what to wear, etc. And since I had a copy of the script, I started practising my lines. Oh yes, the "producer" part actually had 3 whole lines.

Location was at Sri Pentas, and when I finally joined the production team, of course I was greeted by "wah, you'll be acting with us!" from some of the leads. Next up was makeup, and the "star" that I am, I actually asked for my hairstyle to be changed, after the first attempt made me look more like a banker than a film producer.

Then it was time to shoot. Aidil showed me what to do for a bit, and then it was .... "Action!".

The main shot just took 2 takes. Yes, please be impressed. And I didn't really fluff my lines. After doing the various closeups, we were done for the scene. And I was confident Aidil wouldn't have to edit me out later. Phew!

So yes, the scene is in and it will be in episode 6 of KK2, which will debut on GUA on 28th May. Hit me with some comments later, ok? But as they say, if you've got nothing good to say... : )

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