Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kerana Karina Returns!

Yes indeed! GUA.COM.MY's drama sensation Kerana Karina (KK) will be coming back with its second season very, very soon! The first season made history when it was recognised by the Malaysia Book Records as the first ever Malaysian made for the internet drama. KK also garnered 834,000 views in the 2 months it was made available on GUA.COM.MY.
kerana karina 2
KK2 will of course see Marsha in the lead role yet again with most of the first season's favourites reprising their roles including Roslan Aziz (Dato Ross), Sazzy Falak (Sherina), Bell Ngasri (Boy) and Chelsia Ng (Jennifer). What about Zizan (Imran), you ask? Well, you'll just have to wait and see...
kerana karina 2
Just to recap, in the final episode of Season 1, Karina had to decide between love and career, and the show ended without the audience ever knowing her final decision. Well, the wait is finally coming to an end... Did Karina decide to stay put in KL for the sake of her career, or did she take that flight with Imran to the US?
kerana karina 2
For the second season, I had initially chosen an even more romantic direction for its storyline, but after some dicussions with a few of the key people of KK, I re-wrote the entire story which now includes more conflicts and some elements of danger. It'll indeed be more of a darker KK this time around, and I'm as anxious as anyone on the project to see how the audience will accept an edgier Karina...
kerana karina 2
More updates and exposes coming soon!

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