Friday, May 16, 2008

Kerana Karina 2 Returns Today!

Today’s D Day folks! Kerana Karina 2 makes its debut on GUA.COM.MY and the buzz has begun! And of course, we were on Malaysia’s favourite morning talkshow, MHI, to promote KK2.
One of KK2’s new stars, Tunku Tiara opened accounts for us, so to speak, by singing the theme song “Tiada Sekali”, after which director Aidil Fitri, Marsha, Tiara and myself got down to the business of selling KK2.

Tiara was still a bit, um, unsure and even tergamam-ed at one point during the interview (no worries girl, you’ll do better I’m sure J ), but Marsha looked really comfortable now talking about her character and the show.

This is of course just the first of a slew of interviews the stars of the show will be doing in the upcoming weeks.

After the interview, we had brekkie at the Sri Pentas café and talked about KK3 and possible storylines. And some very interesting ideas came up, including one that involves turning KK into Prison Break! Ha ha!

But before that, do checkout KK2 now by going to GUA or KK2’s own dedicated microsite here.

Tiara and her very supportive mum

Aidil enjoying some lontong...

And what does a big internet star like Marsha have for her breakfast? Same as you and me lah, good 'ol nasi lemak...

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