Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Kerana Karina 2 Launched!

Bijou in Mont Kiara was the place, and the occasion was the launch and PC of Malaysian Internet sensation, KERANA KARINA 2!

The turnout was pretty awesome with almost every major print press, some noted bloggers and TV stations in attendance. And all the main cast members also made it this time around! (Although Roslan Aziz was a tad late : ) )

And really, the vibe just felt amazing. People were already familiar with the product and it felt more like a “reunion”, than a media event. It was great to see all the seats filled up, although that meant some guests had to stand to enjoy the occasion. Thousand apologies!

The event started of course with a speech by yours truly, after a short intro by the MC. Then, the attendees became the first few people in the world to actually watch the first 2 episodes of the new season. And judging by their facial reactions, I must say it was pretty positive.
kerana karina 2

But for the uninitiated, here’s a recap: Kerana Karina became the first ever Malaysian made-for-web drama when it was first screened by GUA.COM.MY last October. And while it was launched with no high expectations, KK garnered 834,000 views during the 2 months it was shown on GUA. And straight away it built a pretty big fan-base.

The first season starred Marsha Londoh in the title role, as well as Sazzy Falak, Zizan Nin, Bell Ngasri, Chelsia Ng, Zally Hussain, Alan Yun, Elaine Daly and legendary music producer Roslan Aziz.

For the second season, Marsha, Zizan, Sazzy, Chelsia, Bell and Roslan are all back, but we’ve also added more star power to the ensemble cast in the form of Norman Hakim, Nabil (Mentor), Diana Raffar, Sariah and Tunku Tiara (One In A Million).

What an awesome cast, huh?
kerana karina 2
At the PC as well, we announced the release of Kerana Karina Season 1 DVD, which will be out in stores in early June. So for those who missed the first season entirely (what’s wrong with you lah???), don’t forget to grab the DVD when it comes out.
kerana karina 2
And that’s not all!

There will also be a digital soundtrack made available exclusively on GUAMUZIK.COM.MY. There will be 6 songs on the soundtrack, including the new theme song “Tiada Sekali”, sung by Tunku Tiara. Johan Nawawi’s the composer, and I wrote the lyrics myself.

Loads more to announce soon, but it was indeed an awesome launch. Thanks to everyone who made it a cool occasion – the press, the stars, GUA staff and also our sponsor KAO Laurier!

kerana karina 2

With Norman Hakim who plays Karina's "love-interest", Taufik

kerana karina 2
With the lead female of KK2, Marsha. What a challenging time she had for the second season!
With the ever-smiling Zizan

With one of the "new editions" Nabil (Mentor) who plays Sherina's younger brother. Chicks dig the dude : )

Doing a quick interview with, um, 8TV Quickie

With Tunku Tiara who plays Karina's rival, Zelfa. Tiara also sings the new theme song "Tiada Sekali"
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