Saturday, May 31, 2008


Fooh, what a night it was! GUAMUZIK SUPERGIG ’08 definitely delivered (at least in my books) on the promise of a great night of scintillating entertainment.

I know the artistes enjoyed themselves, and as the organizer, I must say that I don’t have much to complain about. The crowd wasn’t as big as expected, but it was an enthusiastic lot that turned up and I sincerely hope they had a blast.

But the stars of the night were the artistes who gave it their all and gave the GUAMUZIK brand a super huge boost. From Estranged’s ass-kicking opener to Faizal Tahir’s finale, the energy level was on the max throughout.

guamuzik supergig

And a big shout out goes to my own GUA team for the extra hard work put into making this happen in 3 freakin’ weeks. We were of course greatly helped by a fantastic production team led by Kelly and Ben, music director Lok U and his peeps, as well as the KJH committee. Thanks guys!

Estranged opened accounts with their latest single and of course, Itu Kamu

guamuzik supergig

Backstage with Nabil. Man, the boy can dance!

guamuzik supergig

Butter's back!

guamuzik supergig

The pic I always wanted. Finally!

guamuzik supergig
With Meet Uncle Hussain frontman, Lan

guamuzik supergig
Faizal's finale

For those who missed the show, you'd be able to catch it on TV3 and 8TV soon. So don't miss it!

Friday, May 30, 2008

A Super Show In Store at GUAMUZIK SUPERGIG '08!

Today’s D-DAY! Everyone’s pumped up, and be prepared to be blown away!

In total, the 14 artistes will be belting out 22 songs tonight. They’ll do their own solo thing, as well as some clever collaborations. I’m so tempted to reveal the run-down, but naah… let it be a surprise.

At last night’s soundcheck, I got to view almost all of the performances, and man, it was simply awesome. Be it the rock, hip hop or pop set… They were all doin’ their things to the max, dawg!

Anyway, apart from the great performances, 1,000 lucky audience members will also receive free downloads of a special SUPERGIG album. Free gig, free downloads… what more could people want?!

So peeps, see you tonight at Bukit Jalil Stadium, 8.30pm for a super rockin’ time!

Meantime, enjoy these soundcheck snaps...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My KK2 Cameo - It's Here!

So last week I wrote about my cameo experience on Kerana Karina 2. And guess what, the episode's finally on! Click here to watch or/and have a good laugh...

Friday, May 23, 2008


Yes people, the GUA brand is proud to bring to you GUAMUZIK SUPERGIG! Wohoo!

May 30th is the date to remember, and a massively memorable time is guaranteed. Show starts at 8.30pm and venue is the compound of Kompleks Sukan Negara, Bukit Jalil.

A PC was held earlier today where I revealed the full lineup of artistes that will completely blow your socks off. Are you ready?

Butterfingers, Meet Uncle Hussain, Faizal Tahir, Ella, Altimet, Estranged, Shila OAIM, Nabil, Pacai (with a special guest), Nora, Tunku Tiara, Karen Kong and Sham Kamikaze.

Awesome huh? And here’s the awesome-r part: Admission is free!

And not only that, 1,000 lucky people will receive a special SUPERGIG digital album that they can later download at GUAMUZIK after the gig.

What more can I say? See you there, peeps!

Loque of Butterfingers, Pacai, me, producer Ben, Nora

When asked to describe the gig in 3 words, Loque simply said, "Padu, padu, padu!" Er...
Meet Uncle Hussain will be rockin' the SUPERGIG as well...

After the SUPERGIG, Loque will be going back to Boston. So, it's a definite must-come for Butterfingers fans at least...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My KK2 Cameo - For Real!

I was at AIM a few saturdays back when I got a Missed Call from an unfamilliar number. Then an sms came in that said KK2 director, Aidil, was offering me a scene to appear in. Gulp! - was my first reaction. Of course, it'd be totally cool to appear in the drama I co-created and wrote the story for... And I kinda knew which part Aidil was talking about. But instead of accepting right away, I chose to sleep over it and decide the next day, which was also the day of the shoot.

When "tomorrow" came, I was pumped up to give it a shot. I called Aidil and got a brief from him on what to wear, etc. And since I had a copy of the script, I started practising my lines. Oh yes, the "producer" part actually had 3 whole lines.

Location was at Sri Pentas, and when I finally joined the production team, of course I was greeted by "wah, you'll be acting with us!" from some of the leads. Next up was makeup, and the "star" that I am, I actually asked for my hairstyle to be changed, after the first attempt made me look more like a banker than a film producer.

Then it was time to shoot. Aidil showed me what to do for a bit, and then it was .... "Action!".

The main shot just took 2 takes. Yes, please be impressed. And I didn't really fluff my lines. After doing the various closeups, we were done for the scene. And I was confident Aidil wouldn't have to edit me out later. Phew!

So yes, the scene is in and it will be in episode 6 of KK2, which will debut on GUA on 28th May. Hit me with some comments later, ok? But as they say, if you've got nothing good to say... : )

Monday, May 19, 2008

KK2 In Today's KOSMO!

Check out the cool Kerana Karina 2 wraparound in today's edition of KOSMO!

The 7 Coolest Things Of The Past 7 Days

1. Fantasia’s performance on American Idol
Yeah, if it was “Bring Out The Crazy” night…

2. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz finally tie the knot
I’ve got just one advice – NEVER DO A NEWLYWED REALITY SHOW!

3. Brangelina babies looking good
How can anyone be so perfect in every single way lah?

4. Celebrity Apprentice on ntv7
But the Playboy Playmate is fired first. Boo! Hiss!

5. Gwen Stefani’s hubby Gavin Rossdale’s daughter to appear in latest GQ mag
Her name’s Daisy Lowe and she should score highly on anyone’s babeometer! Have a look...

6. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi to wed
My question: who do you give the blender to?

7. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are STILL married
Yes, there can be miracles indeed…

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Malaysian Artistes For Unity

Here's a noble project worth plugging. It features a kazillion local artistes with pretty big hearts, collaborating on an anti-racism, feel-good tune called "Here In My Home"...

And you can even download the song for free here! To watch the Behind The Scenes, click here.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Of course we had to have a theme song for Kerana Karina 2! And this time we got Johan Nawawi to compose and produce the tune, with lyrics by, ahem, power-crazy me.

But if I only took about 3 hours to complete KK1’s theme song “Yang Mana?” performed by Marsha, it took me a couple of days for “Tiada Sekali”. Why? Well, while the end product might appear to be pretty simple stuff, finding the right words to fit into the context of the story proved to be a tad tricky.

And really, I think “Tiada Sekali”, performed by Tunku Tiara, who plays Zelfa in KK2, will only be fully understood and appreciated towards the end of the story.

Tiara herself did very well on the song. She's got a very pleasant tone and will do well in the industry with these sort of ballads. At least that's what I think.

To preview and download the song, please click here.


Dengarkan cerita ini, tulus dariku
Kisah cintaku buatmu, yang satu
Walaupun diburu ragu, dan salah sangka
Setiaku tak pernah goyah

Tiada sekali, kau jauh dariku
Oh yakinlah kasih

Tiada kan mungkin, cintaku pudar
Ku bawa, selamanya

Sejak kau hulur tanganmu, kasih tercipta
Tak kuhirau semua yang melanda
Mutiara cinta kutemui, hanya kernamu
Kan digenggam erat, oh janjiku

Repeat chorus

Artiste: Tunku Tiara
Music: Johan Nawawi
Lyrics: M.Zulkifli

Friday, May 16, 2008

Kerana Karina 2 Returns Today!

Today’s D Day folks! Kerana Karina 2 makes its debut on GUA.COM.MY and the buzz has begun! And of course, we were on Malaysia’s favourite morning talkshow, MHI, to promote KK2.
One of KK2’s new stars, Tunku Tiara opened accounts for us, so to speak, by singing the theme song “Tiada Sekali”, after which director Aidil Fitri, Marsha, Tiara and myself got down to the business of selling KK2.

Tiara was still a bit, um, unsure and even tergamam-ed at one point during the interview (no worries girl, you’ll do better I’m sure J ), but Marsha looked really comfortable now talking about her character and the show.

This is of course just the first of a slew of interviews the stars of the show will be doing in the upcoming weeks.

After the interview, we had brekkie at the Sri Pentas café and talked about KK3 and possible storylines. And some very interesting ideas came up, including one that involves turning KK into Prison Break! Ha ha!

But before that, do checkout KK2 now by going to GUA or KK2’s own dedicated microsite here.

Tiara and her very supportive mum

Aidil enjoying some lontong...

And what does a big internet star like Marsha have for her breakfast? Same as you and me lah, good 'ol nasi lemak...

Monday, May 12, 2008

The 7 Coolest Things Of The Past 7 Days

1. Mariah and hubby make first public appearance
Apparently, they appeared on a show called “What Were They Thinking?”

2. Kerana Karina 2 launched
As envious imitators look on…

3. Jason Castro finally leaves American Idol
Seriously, did anyone really think someone who performed with a ukelele could actually win this thing?

4. Prince William losing hair already
I smell a royal endorsement for Svenson coming soon...

5. John Mayer scores with Jennifer Aniston
Dude, write a book on scoring already!

6. R.Kelly's trial moves on after a 6-year delay
And people complain about our judicial system?

7. Airline price wars!
But what about improving the quality of the stewardesses huh? There's more eye-candy at the neighbourhood Chamelon stores these days lah...

Friday, May 09, 2008

Kerana Karina 2 Launched! (part II)

Of course I had to give a speech lah... : )
"Yes, I got this injury fighting off a crocodile" Ha ha!

What a great-looking bunch of people, no?

Chelsia returns as Jennifer, Sherina's (Sazzy) best friend - who's got other hidden talents as well. Watch to find out!
Tunku Tiara (OAIM) plays Zelfa, Dato Ross's latest signing, and Karina's new rival. You know what this means, don't you? Catfight!

Norman Hakim plays Taufik, Karina's new "flame"

Diana Rafar goes evil in KK2... muahaha!

So obviously Imran (Zizan) returns. But will they be together?

One of the hot new editions Nabil plays Sherina's kid brother - and gets everyone into trouble actually

'Cos I'm also in KK2. Woohoo!

With all of my GUA peeps


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