Monday, April 07, 2008

Jom Heboh Melaka - Day 1

This year's Karnival Jom Heboh series kicked off in Melaka on 5th April, and what a kick off it was. As expected, thousands thronged to the MITC in Ayer Keroh to join in on the festivities. Of course GUA.COM.MY had to be there, and for the first time ever, we even had our own booth!

On the first day we had OAIM winner and runner-up, Ayu and Shila, glamming up the booth. Both smiled and signed autographs tirelessly and even delivered one song each. In between, it rained cats and dogs though. Hawau betul! Anyway, the crowd thinned a little during that rainy period but came back strongly after the sun started shinning again.
jom heboh
Me and my good-looking peeps
jom heboh
GUA's own booth!
jom heboh
Nice huh? But when it rained, tempias lah! Maybe we'll get a closed, air-cond booth next year :)
jom heboh
The main activity was of course to register new members. We've passed the 66,000 mark!
jom heboh
Ayu belted her winning OIAM song. But by the end of the day, she kena gastric lah. Pity the girl!
jom heboh
Shila even had her fans from JB and KL coming to KJH Melakajom heboh
The girls even played musical chairs with some kids!
jom heboh
With Shila

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Hj Irlan said...

Yes.. please consider getting and air-cond booth next time. The heat is gonna melt the CPUs of your notebooks.


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