Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Biduan Tanpa Irama

So I got a call sometime last week inviting me to be one of the panelists on a new talkshow for RTM called "Biduan Tanpa Irama" (don't ask). The proposed topic was "The future of music marketing", and since it's something that'd allow me to talk about GUA's upcoming music portal, I naturally accepted the invitation.

And today was the day of the recording. Venue: Dewan Eksperimen, ASWARA. And after a short discussion on the vital points to touch on, we got down to business. "Tak mau bahasa rojak" was the simple instruction given, and so I had to concentrate extra hard today to keep things 100% BM : )

Overall it was quite a good and lively discussion, one that should be easily understood even by new media newbies. The show should go on air sometime next month, and yes, it'll my first time on RTM 1...

The pleasant and simple set

With Johan and the host


With veteran producer Nik Ramzi

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