Thursday, March 20, 2008

D'Kechewas Rock Yet Again! (with some jiwang stuff thrown in)

So the day finally came for the company to announce some very good news to the 1,400 staff. And when I say good news, I mean good new$$$… Get what I mean?

After the excellent news was delivered at the One World Hotel, everyone sauntered back to Sri Pentas for the makan-makan and of course, for “a special performance”. D’Kechewas took the stage about a quarter past 11 and really, I won’t lie, I was nervous as hell. Especially with so many Datuks and CEOs sitting in the front row. (and also because the backdrop actually said “We Are The Best”)

But as soon as we opened with U2’s “With Or Without You”, everyone started to loosen up and we basically rocked as hard as we could. And yes, Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love For You" was also in the set, sang by Nita of Big Tree.

And yes, I belted out “Belaian Jiwa” to fill our BM song quota! I think I did a pretty decent job lah. Chewah…

Admittedly though, the set was a tad “urban” for the majority of the audience, but hey, we did try our very best, and I even got to say: “Are you enjoys?”…

I'm all about power chords, baby...

Hafiz of Fly FM delivered Gavin De Graw's "I Don't Wanna Be"

Belting out "Belaian Jiwa"... Can you believe it?

Izham was of course the coolest of the lot, having done kazillions of shows in his lifetime

Eddie really rocked the drums... no surprises there : )
KISS makeup next time out, perhaps?

For the final song "Knockin On Heaven's Door", we got TV3's head of entertainment Azhar Borhan to jam as well! We're one big happy family over here...

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