Sunday, February 03, 2008

Langkawi Lagi!

So these past couple of days, I was in Langkawi yet again, but this time for Media Prima's Annual Management Retreat. Basically, this is the time for the management to congregate, generate ideas and (try to) have some fun alog the way.

This year's venue was The Westin, Langkawi, a 5-star resort with magnificent sights, great facilities and lifts that smell awfully nice.

Apart from ideas generation, we also dinner by the beach and did the POCO POCO dance (the pics of which I refuse to publish).

Since this is also Visit Kedah Year, I would strongly recommend this place if you're planning for a romantic getaway or a family vacation... (Can I have my commission now please?) Anyway, do enjoy more pics of this lovely place... (Seriously, can I have my commission now? :) )

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Hj Irlan said...

Very nice indeed!


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