Monday, February 18, 2008

I've Got Bloopers!

For those not in the know, I am quite a regular on TV'3 morning show, Malaysia Hari Ini now. To promote the happenings on GUA.COM.MY specifically, I appear every Monday morning in a slot called GUA @ MHI; sometimes live, sometimes pre-recorded (which is hosted by Ms Sari Yanti, as below).

And you know what? I find doing it the pre-recorded way is much, much tougher. I don't know, on live TV, you are kinda expected not to be perfect and to just go with the flow. So even when you're stuck or lost, the host will usually help the guest out.

But recording it means you have to do multiple takes until you get it right. There's no room for too much of the "errrrr", "aaaaaaa"... and if the producer feels you're not eloquent enough, you have to do it all over again (although I AM the boss of the producer).

So naturally, I have chalked up some pretty decent bloopers. Including these...

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Alam Setia said...

bertambah hebat sekarang nie


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