Wednesday, January 09, 2008

When Cool Meets Cool

So today I had lunch with one of Malaysia’s Coolest People, composer and producer Audi Mok. He’s also a finalist in this year’s Juara Lagu with his composition Mahakarya Cinta sung by Faizal Tahir.

Me: So Juara Lagu 3 weeks away. How u feeling lah?
Audi: Mmm, I dunno. Were you excited when you were in the final?
Me: Well, yeah.
Audi: Hmm, maybe there’s something wrong with me then.
Me: Well, yeah.

But it was a good lunch at this Thai place in One Utama.

The conversation was even better as we bitched and raved about the local music industry, online businesses and Pamela Anderson’s latest marital problems.

“So dude, I wanna take a picture. Do something funny!”
audi mok

Yeah, he’s cool alright.


a.mok said...

that audi guy is one classy dude!

M.Zul said...



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