Monday, January 07, 2008


Earlier today, GUA.COM.MY launched two new and exciting initiatives.

The first was a new drama which will be shown exclusively on GUA.COM.MY called MALAYSIANTALENTS.COM. Produced by Popiah Pictures, MALAYSIANTALENTS.COM is a mockumentary starring the multi-talented Douglas Lim and features a slew of celebrity cameos including Joanna Bessy, Chelsia Ng and Gavin Yap.

MALAYSIANTALENTS.COM will debut on 15th Jan and viewers will get to watch two new episodes a week, every Tuesday and Thursday.

At the PC, Douglas did a funny intro to the show and screened the pilot episode. I have to tell you guys, the show is indeed funny! Think “The Office”, but more Malaysian. With more hot people in it. “I want loads of HOT PEOPLE okay?” was my simple instruction to Popiah Pictures.

Secondly, we also launched GUA Mobile which allows everyone equipped with a 3G enabled handphone to watch the latest’s video content.

To access the service, one simply needs to just dial *32223, make a video call on your handphone and choose the content you want to watch using the GUA Mobile menu. The content available includes Babe Bits, Doing It Right, Senario Dan GUA, Muung and Kerana Karina.

Currently, GUA Mobile is available to Maxis users only and each video call is charged a flat rate of 30 sen per minute.

Overall it was a short and straight to the point PC that also served one of my favourite dishes, lontong.

So peeps, don’t forget to watch MALAYSIANTALENTS.COM come Jan 15th and those with 3G mobile phones, go to GUA Mobile. Like, now!

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