Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Awesome '07, Hello '08!

It’s been just two days and I already miss awesome ’07. Yes, personally 2007 was one heck of a year for me. And a large part of that is because of GUA.COM.MY of course.

When we started the journey way back in January ’07, there was basically a tentative committee and only one person under the newly-developed New Media department of Media Prima – ME. We took our time to plan out the strategies, and I also used that time to familiarize myself with the latest new media trends and technology.

After months of very, very long meetings and brainstorming sessions, the core strategy was laid out and made public in early August. And it’s pretty simple really. 1. To revamp the existing Media Prima network portals. 2. To develop and launch a new and unique online lifestyle an entertainment brand, i.e.: GUA.COM.MY.

At the same time the new media dept grew, adding people almost every week, and working with our expert partners, everyone became a part of the process of turning an idea into something real and tangible.

After less than 4 months, GUA has really grown beyond our wildest dreams. Really, to see a new brand launched and growing rapidly is simply rewarding. And credit must go to my team who are a bunch of creative and hardworking people who will never be happy with mediocrity (which amazingly, is actually the case at other places I’ve worked). And the best part is, everyone actually GETS it. No excessive bitching and whining about not getting this and that, and none of the evil politicking that exists elsewhere. Bravo guys!

We’ve also shared some really cool memories since GUA went live. Doing the launches gave everyone a rush and going out to meet the members via Karnival Jom Heboh in Miri and Shah Alam was a real blast. And yes, we’ve partied quite a bit as well… : )

And that is why I will always remember 2007 as an awesome year. Having said all that, I have no doubts that ’08 will simply top it all… or at least, THAT’S my New Year wish…

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