Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kerana Karina - The Party!

A special viewing party of Kerana Karina was held on Tuesday night at the swanky Saujana in Subang. The invitees included contest winners, GUA members, press and of course the cast and crew of Kerana Karina. On the agenda was the presentation of the Malaysia Book of Records to GUA.COM.MY for producing "The first online drama series". Yes, it's official now. Woohoo!

Guests were also shown the first and the last three episodes, making them the first in the world to view the final episode of Kerana Karina.

For entertainment, Marsha belted the theme song "Yang Mana?" while Ally Iskandar MCed the whole event.

Overall, it was a memorable event that also celebrated GUA's third month anniversary. When we started GUA and Kerana Karina, I never expected such success in a short period of time. Up to episode 18, KK has recorded 520,000 views while GUA has amassed a total of 12 million page hits in the 3 months we've been in existence!

Best of all, we've built a community which is active, loyal and always happening. Currently GUA has an incredible 45,000 registered members... and counting!

To say that I'm over the moon is a gross understatement...

Some of the food sections were named after KK characters. Mmmm...

With some very supportive GUA members

With KK director Aidil and Marsha

kerana karina

Marsha was also gifted an airbrush portrait done by GUA's own forum moderator, Vatos

To read more about it, click HERE

1 comment:

zahar said...

Salam En Mzul di atas pengiktirafan Malaysia Books of Records sebagai 'first online drama' dan tahniah juga diatas yg telah dikecapi. Kurang sabar rasanya utk menunggu KK season 2...hehehe.

Terima kasih kerana pihak sudi sponser di bowling tournament pokok kelapak. Terima kasih juga kerana menjemput saya sebagai wakil dr Marsha FC ke dinner party KK. Harap kita dapat bekerjasama pada masa akan datang.


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