Friday, December 28, 2007

My A-Z Review of 2007

A is for Angkasawan. Malaysian dude in space. Awe-freakin-some.
B is for Britney, without a doubt the queen of bad press in ’07. Give me less of that in ’08, OK?
C is for Cinta the movie. Raked it in at the box-office AND the awards. Malaysians are jiwang alright…

D is for Dogs. To be exact, DVD-sniffing dogs Flo and Lucky, who put a number of pirate kings out of business.

E is for Erra Fazira. But where do I even begin?

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday With Amir

So I made my way to Amcorp Mall today to check out Amir Muhammad's stall at the famous flea market, although I've already bought his book Malaysian Politicians Say The Darndest Things. If you haven't, buy lah. It's got clueless Malaysian politicians after all...

Also on sale were books by Amir's partner in crime, Shahril Nizam and "mysterious" DVDs. Also managed to speak to Amir on the possibility of him doing a regular column for GUA.COM.MY. Woohoo!
amir muhammad

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dudes, I've Got A New Blog!

It's called MOJO DAILY (why the name? 'cos all the other ones I wanted aren't available lah). And this one totally suits my (self-proclaimed) lad-mag legend status. Of course, you'd need to GET IT to totally enjoy MOJO DAILY. Do not enter if you're an old foggy who thinks a witty discussion on procreation is "porn". Or if you have the sense of humour of cement... All others, click HERE

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

GUA in Metro

There's a cool piece on GUA and Kerana Karina in today's Harian Metro. Hey, it's still not too late to get a copy!

The 7 Coolest Things Of The Past 7 Days

1. Malaysia collects 68 gold medals at Korat SEA Games
And we’re ahead of both Indonesia AND Singapore. Line up the Datukships already!

2. Virgin Atlantic plane named after Spice Girls
In other news, Tony Fernandes announces that he’s putting the babes of Elite on AirAsia planes…

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

KL Going Wireless!

Woohoo! If you haven’t read the news yet, how disconnected are you lah? So here’s the awesome news: come 2008 (which is just a few days away), the people of Kuala Lumpur will enjoy FREE WIRELESS service!

According to one report, DBKL (God bless them!), is “bridging the digital divide by installing the wireless network for the entire city in a move to deliver services to its residents more efficiently and effectively. This will allow the city folks to be connected at all times no matter where they are.”

This means part of my New Year wish will actually come true! But seriously, this is HUGE; especially for those in the new media business, like my peeps and I.

With connectivity no longer an issue for KL-ites, the focus will then be on CONTENT . And whaddya know? Media Prima has plenty of those. Both on the revamped TV portals and on GUA.COM.MY.

Man, I’m already loving 2008!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kerana Karina - The Party!

A special viewing party of Kerana Karina was held on Tuesday night at the swanky Saujana in Subang. The invitees included contest winners, GUA members, press and of course the cast and crew of Kerana Karina. On the agenda was the presentation of the Malaysia Book of Records to GUA.COM.MY for producing "The first online drama series". Yes, it's official now. Woohoo!

Guests were also shown the first and the last three episodes, making them the first in the world to view the final episode of Kerana Karina.

For entertainment, Marsha belted the theme song "Yang Mana?" while Ally Iskandar MCed the whole event.

Overall, it was a memorable event that also celebrated GUA's third month anniversary. When we started GUA and Kerana Karina, I never expected such success in a short period of time. Up to episode 18, KK has recorded 520,000 views while GUA has amassed a total of 12 million page hits in the 3 months we've been in existence!

Best of all, we've built a community which is active, loyal and always happening. Currently GUA has an incredible 45,000 registered members... and counting!

To say that I'm over the moon is a gross understatement...

Some of the food sections were named after KK characters. Mmmm...

With some very supportive GUA members

With KK director Aidil and Marsha

kerana karina

Marsha was also gifted an airbrush portrait done by GUA's own forum moderator, Vatos

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Media Prima Goes Mobile!

Yes! Now you can watch clips of your favourite programs from all of Media Prima's TV channels, TV3, ntv7, 8TV and TV9, on your mobile phone via its 3G Video Call Portal. It's available to all maxis 3G subscribers. The service was launched this morning by Media Prima's Network Portals GM Paul Moss.

So what you need to do now is to make a video call to #32012 and enjoy! It's as easy as that!
Media Prima


Kerana Karina has 2 more episodes to go, so we were on Malaysia Hari Ini to plug it as usual : ) It was a lively session with Roslan, Marsha and Sazzy constantly bantering and even exchanging "in-jokes". But a bit too short, though. Bummer. But I did manage to get the message out and we're expecting healthy numbers for the last 2 episodes. And tomorrow's the exclusive viewing party for the final ep at Saujana, Subang. Woohoo!
kerana karina

Memang Heboh!

Saturday was so-so, but Sunday brought in the peeps by the truckloads. We managed to register a few hundreds more new members who took home exclusive goodies. Kerana Karina star Zizan Nin also came by on Sunday. We also had extra committee members in the form on GUA members who proved to be a dedicated and happening bunch. Thanks guys!

KK star Zizan made it merrier

With Zizan

Part of Melodi was shot at the DJ Korner booth, where GUA was

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Thanks Peeps!

My birthday's tomorrow (I'll be thirty-something yet again), but my wonderful peeps threw me a surprise bash this afternoon. Thanks all! But it almost didn't happen according to plan...
Producer: Hey, wanna take a look at some videos by the trainees...

Me: Er... gimme 5 minutes.

Producer: Umm, I think you should see them now.

Me: But I've got stuff to do first lah... (feeling a bit agitated)

Producer walks out of office... then returns

Producer: Er... seriously, I think you should come and see this.

Me: Geez, oklah.

Walks into the meeting room


Producer: Phew!m.zulkifli

Jom Jom Jom!

Jom heboh 2007 ends at Shah Alam this weekend (8&9 Dec) and it promises to be a blast! Of course, GUA.COM.MY will again make its presence felt and we've got tons of cool activities lined up.
For starters, 4 Kerana Karina stars will be there. Marsha and Bell on Saturday, Sazzy and Zizan on Sunday. We'll be giving away an exclusive KK book which will indeed by a collectors' item.
Apart from that, GUA will be giving away Linkin Park CDs and T-Shirts, and new members will automatically get an exclusive GUA merchandise upon registration.
So apa lagi, JOM LAH!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The 7 Coolest Things Of The Past 7 Days

1. The Jackson 5 set for a reunion tour
Of course now they’ll be called “The Jackson 4 and a white woman that used to be their brother”.

2. Whitney Houston performs in KL
She almost jumped out of the plane when she heard about our strict drug laws though.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007


For the past few Mondays, I've appeared on Malaysia Hari Ini to do my GUA.COM.MY plug. And it's been great fun (save for the part where I have to be at the office by 7.15am). But beginning this coming Monday, the slot will be a recorded one. The first installment features a young new talent, Sari, hosting the whole bit with yours truly as the GUA rep. So, do and try to catch it this Monday, 7.30am onwards. If you're up by then, that is...


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