Monday, October 29, 2007

Kerana Karina Starts Today!

Malaysia's first ever online drama series Kerana Karina kicks off today! So far, the buzz has been good and people have been posting comments on the video page as well as the forum board on GUA.

It seems only like yesterday that I thought of and wrote the synopses for the story, and here it is now for all the world to see... the feeling is simply awesome. If you haven't watched it already, click here! New episodes come on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


TINTARONA Publications Sdn Bhd said...

salam, sdr m.zul, tahniah atas usaha ini. saya baru sahaja berdaftar dgn, but facing a several problem. antaranya takleh nak mainkan video, . satu lagi... camana nak contact sdr. Boleh tak saya nak link kan my blog to gua. so that boleh share apa2 yang patut. pls visit my blog. maybe ada something we can share., thanks m zul,

Rozlan Mohamed Noor

Anonymous said...

hmmm....i think u should add english subtitle....

M.Zul said...

rozlan, will add your blog to the list. dah tengok KK ke belum?

anonymous, i take note of your comment. many others have also asked for subtitles. will work on it


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