Friday, October 05, 2007

Kerana Karina Kicks Off!

A couple of days ago, shooting began for Kerana Karina (KK). In case you’re the ignorant sort, KK’s a piece of history in the making, ‘cos when it’s launched in early November, it’ll be the first ever Malaysian made-for-web drama series. And it can only be viewed on Very cool indeed.

And how’s this for a powerhouse cast: Marsha Londoh (who plays the lead role), Zizan Nin, Elaine Daly, Razaly Hussein, Sazzy Falak, Alan Yun and first-time actor Roslan Aziz.
kerana karina

The original concept was mooted by my executive producer Michael who also came up with the title. And yours truly actually wrote the story. It took a couple of days, but once the creative juices flowed, the synopses for all 20 episodes came rather easily. And yes, this will be my first drama ever. A piece of personal history right there.

Anyway, KK’s about Karina (duh), the latest starlet in the music business who takes the industry by storm with her debut album. For Karina’s sophomore effort, the label boss (Roslan Aziz) decides to hire this hot shot producer with some overseas experience, Imran (Zizan Nin).

But turns out, Karina and Imran have some sort of “history” together and things get tricky from that point onwards…

Produced by Grand Brilliance, KK’s directed by this cool dude with a cool name, Aidil Fitri. Script's by Eenaz Mokhtar. Shooting should be done by 10th Oct and the PC has been slated for 23rd Oct.

Read more about KK here and here

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IRLAN said...

Personal history eh?
Which part?
Please elaborate...


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