Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Night Rant: And The Fake Award Goes To…

The show’s long over but people are still talking about the suckiness of the TV broadcast of Festival Filem Malaysia 20. “Lifeless”, “pathetic” and “macam sial” are just some of the unkind descriptions I’ve heard personally.

And yes, I agree completely.

But what really got my goat as well was the presentation of the various “Anugerah Juri” at the beginning of the show. The Awards, such as “Anugerah Juri Bagi Usaha Berterusan Papar Budaya Masyarakat Setempat”, sound totally made-up with the intention of somehow rewarding losers.

But if that’s what floats their boat, here are my suggestions for next year:

Anugerah Khas juri Bagi Filem Yang Tidak Memaparkan Unsur-Unsur Klise Seperti “Datuk Yang Kaya Dan Gatal Yang Suka Ke Disco Dangdut”, “Fresh Orange” Dan Sebagainya

Anugerah Khas Juri Bagi Paparan Masyarakat Yang Langsung Tak Sama Dengan Realiti Semasa Kerana Masyarakat Perlu Dilindungi Dari Unsur-Unsur Realiti Yang Negatif

Anugerah Khas Juri Filem Yang Sarat Dengan “Product Placement” Sehingga Penonton Berasa Teruja Membeli Produk Tersebut Sebaik Sahaja Keluar Panggung


aziya said...

the first pic.. does giggles me a bit... so kurus one... err.. Now , what happend??

M.Zul said...

haha! I think you're referring to the post above : ) as for your question, now i'm prosperous lah... :)


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