Friday, August 17, 2007

Celebrating 20 Years of Celebrity Stalking

Was going through my old albums and discovered that it was 20 years ago that I snapped my first photo with a real-life celebrity. It was with my favourite celebrity in fact, i.e.: rock legend Amy of Search.

I’m not a big photo taker, but since then I’ve managed to snap a few with some pretty famous folks. So allow me to totally be shameless and share some of these treasured moments with you lot…

(Yes, do laugh at my expense)

Can Amy Search look any more thrilled???

At the same gig with Hillary Ng

Mika Hakkinen will always be da man!


7 feet, 500lbs, WWE's The Big Show

With Globe Trekker legend Ian Wright


MTV man Utt

With "Michael Owen"

Malaysia's Sexiest babe that year, Amber Chia

That's Gilby Clarke, ex Guns N Roses guirtarist

Metallica's Jason Newstead! Rock Brudder!!

1 comment:

IRLAN said...

I thot I was the only one who wore slim fit jeans then. You too huh?


Then the diskang era came along the the pants became a lot bigger!


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