Monday, August 13, 2007

The 7 Coolest Things Of The Past 7 Days ®

1. Richard Branson arrives in Malaysia
… and wears a freakin' tanjak! The dude's a daredevil alright.

2. Wayne Rooney breaks bone on EPL opening day
Makes the title exciting, doesn’t it?

3. Paris hooks up with “Vince”
Where your hands at dude? And are those real???

4. Mawi’s ex Ina marries fiancé
Congratulations! Now can you stay home and, um, not sing anymore?

5. Vina Morales wins IKON Asean
Can you see why?

6. Scary Spice reveals she’s secretly married
But the kid is still yours, Eddie. Meanwhile…

7. Baby Spice welcomes baby boy
OK, this kid is not yours, Eddie…


aziya said...

the num.3 point... HILARIOUS.. hehehehehe

Elyantie said...

You should have seen Vina's ass in those skimpy white pants, nearer.

I was in .... awe.

M.Zul said...

elyantie, you don't by any chance have any pics of that, um, thing u just mentioned?

Elyantie said...

Aiyo, that would have been a nice add on to your pix collection.

Sorryla... I was a little busy, or should I say, in dreamland with Dominic :)


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