Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh Tiger!

By the time he ends his career, Tiger Woods would most probably be recognized as the greatest golfer ever.

But here’s a title I can give the man right now…

Yup, Tiger Woods is such an unusual and catchy name that editors the world over have not grown tired of punning his name each time he makes the headlines.

But it’s become all too predictable now that I feel Tiger should come up with a new nickname pretty soon (like Shaquille O’Neal who probably has 42 different nicknames) to avoid being punned for the rest of his life.

Anyway, where there’s Tiger, there’s a pun. Just take your pick:

Tiger lurking

Tiger burning bright

Tiger roars

Tiger claws out of trouble

Tiger in the hunt

Tiger in the woods

Toothless Tiger

Tiger ready to pounce

Tiger sharpens his claws

Year of the Tiger

Tiger mauls rivals

Tiger losing stripes

Tiger’s cub arrives


IRLAN said...

Now, that's marketing!

What's his real name anyway?

Sting is Gordon Sumner. I don't blame him for changing his name.

Prince... real name???

Slash... real name???

W Axl Rose is that his real name? I doubt it...

Simon LeBon... now that's a name. The name's Bon... Simon LeBon. Catchy innit?

M.Zul said...

Bro, Tiger's real name is Eldrick. Boring huh? So I guess "Tiger"'s a great name after all.

Prince is Prince Rogers Nelson. Memang nama dia Prince!

Slash is Saul Hudson. Slash is a better name for a guitarist!

Simon LeBon's a cool name. Masa 80s dulu ko berangan jadi Simon LeBon ke? Haha!

IRLAN said...

Prince Rogers Nelson? That's a white man's name... what is he anyway? black? white? definately not hispanic... Nelson sounds too white to me.

Simon? John Taylor is the cool one...
Check out Mrs LeBon... http://www.yasminlebon.net/

M.Zul said...

Prince is black lah. It's like Mat Salleh tp nama Jackson

Yeah, John Taylor was the cool one. Didn;t matter he was playing the bass...

IRLAN said...

Of of them Hits mag with John as cover... nostalgic!



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