Tuesday, July 03, 2007

17 Things I Hate

Inspired by this brilliant piece on ew.com, here's my own list of stuff I can't stand in local showbiz and pop culture:

1. Hosts and presenters who go “aaaaaaaa”. Example: “Aaaaaa, sekarang kita ada Amy Search. Aaaaaaa.” Stop it already!!!

2. How the super rich portrayed in Malay dramas always live in 6-storey mansions that look exactly like Yusof Haslam’s house.

3. Obviously gay celebs who go on talkshows and say people shouldn’t judge them for being single ‘cos they just “haven’t found the right person”.

4. How singers are always asked to “nyanyi sikit” when they’re interviewed on TV. After which the host will then say “Aaaaaaaa, tu dia.”

5. Talent reality show judges who say, “No matter what happens in this competition, you’re going to be a star.” Um, no they won’t. Remember Rosma? Zarina? Or even Felix? I rest my case.

6. This guy auditioning for anything...

7. Local entertainment journalists’ who are always “terperanjat” by the disgusting behaviour of some artistes. The fake naivety is equally disgusting.

8. The word “artis” itself. Even backup dancers call themselves that now.

9. The word “diva” as well. Even backup dancers call themselves that now.

10. Entertainment rags with barely legal boys posing in swimming pools.
11. Catchphrases. Overdone and so over 'em.

12. People who look like this trying to relate to poor people.

13. Celebrity DJs. Especially those who have to look good on Red Carpets when they’re actually there to work.

14. Local producers who rip off foreign shows but call it “coincidence”. Copying is ok, ok? Even Martin Scorcese does it!

15. Totally made up names. Like “Brancy”.
16. Songs with the line "Hanya satu yang ku pinta".
17. Siti Nurhaliza pregnant rumours. She's just getting fat lah...


IRLAN said...

Siti not pregnant yet?
That Datuk K must be ED! Konpem!

IRLAN said...

and that Micheal dude...
he's actually goodlah deiiii...

M.Zul said...

bro, tak baik cakap dato k camtu. maybe they have their own plans : )

as for michael, yeah he's good at dancing. but he auditions for everything! he can't sing even to save his life lah....

saharil said...

aaaaa. ini dia entry yang sweeten my morning todaaay.. aaaaaa..

M.Zul said...

haha, i see what you're trying to do there :)

Cucu Kasbon said...

Siti is not FAT.... just a bit more huggable. Why Anita looks like so? Anita apparently has natural supple mosturized skin.....its genetic because her mom's a SIPUT Sarawak....slimey...


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