Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My 5 Favourite… NewMan Moments

5. Sarah Tan’s wild side
Always sweet or/and sexy, Channel [V] hottie Sarah Tan showed us her wild side for this particular shoot. And it wasn’t any less hotter…

4. Amir Muhammad as Guest Editor
Yes, the elusive auteur met our deadline somehow…

3. Had 3 guys siting down and discussing… BJs
Question Can anyone confirm that women with tongue stud give better blowjobs?
Answer Technically, tongue studs could be really fun, provided they are not jagged. Having said that, I also think that the fascination of blowjobs has to do with the element of danger...

2. The Premier Issue cover shoot
Four stunning VJs in one shoot. Phew! And incidentally, that was also the first time all four Channel [V] VJs – Paula, Cindy, Sarah and Amanda – were in the same room. An historic occasion indeed.

1. Got Fly Guy and Lil Kev to do this…

And this…
(Yeah, that’s me “enjoying” the “massage”)

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