Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Night Rant: Tengoklah!

Afdlin Shauki's latest movie Sumolah is not doing well at the cinemas. So much so that the man himself has made an emergency personal plea via his blog for people to go and watch the film. Read it here.

The dude has enjoyed great success with his previous films and it's quite puzzling why his latest effort is not bringing in the bucks, especially when you consider the sumo-sized promo (sorry, couldn't resist that) supported by telco X that began since early in the year.

All this though reminds me of Hanya Kawan a few years back, helmed by Afdlin's bud Harith Iskander.

The film had star power in the form of Hans Isaac and Ella, and the hype was on hyperdrive for the longest time. Which was also its problem. Posters of the movie (which were cool, btw) were up long before the film was released. And by the time it actually hit the cinemas, people basically had had enough of it. (The posters also had turned kuning).

I don't really believe you can over-promote anything, but that was what happened with Hanya Kawan.

Then again, Sumolah's problem might be something else.
You knowlah. That itsy bitsy spider...

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