Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Night Rant: Please don't tell me!!!

Geez, it’s kind of impossible not to know anything these days. Yes, even when you want to avoid a piece of information for whatever reason, you can be sure it’ll reach you one way or another.

A couple of years ago, I was so into Rock Star: INXS, and on the day of its result show, I was so psyched up to catch the same-day repeat screening. And to avoid knowing the result, I refused to log on to any website, or even to my email.

Then, some idiot I didn’t even really know popped up on the yahoo messenger and happily announced: “JD Fortune won Rock Star”.

“F*** you, I didn’t want to know! I was going to watch the repeat tonight,” I said. The loser replied, “ekekekeke”. He didn’t think I was serious until I made it absolutely clear, “F*** you lah”. I’ve not heard from him since.

American sports scores are also hard to avoid. It’s plastered everywhere on the net. Arrrghhh… can’t news agencies be a tad inefficient once in a freakin’ while?

And let’s talk about this morning…

Mission: avoid discovering who won American Idol. I was doing okay resisting the temptation to check out those American entertainment websites when I received an SMS news alert from The Star.

And there it was. “_____ has won American Idol”.

Totally and utterly despicable…

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