Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Night Rant: Committee anyone?

Since early this year, I’ve been lucky enough to attend seminars and workshops on matters related to new media and digital content. And there are loads to talk about ‘cos the problems are aplenty in this area.

But no, I won’t be getting into that here. Instead, let me just share with you the one big solution often proposed at most of these seminars (get ready for it): … “Kita tubuhkan committee”. (“We form a committee”).

And this applies to just about everything related to the matter. How to market content overseas? Kita tubuhkan committee. How to ensure rights of IP owners? Kita tubuhkan committee.

So ok, sometimes there are other solutions offered. One of which is (get ready for it)… “Kita tubuhkan PERSATUAN”.

Whoa! Ain’t that really creative?

Then again, committees and associations are in fact a way of life here in Malaysia. I mean, half of the catering businesses in this country would quickly close shop if not for the various AGMs and EGMs of various committees and associations. Not to mention file and goodie bag makers…

So even when we move into areas supposedly committee-free – like this wonderful world of the Internet – there’s bound to be those who can't shake off that persatuan mentality.

And when there’s a persatuan, there’s bound to be politicking and power struggle (and fees collected for some stupid T-shirt). So, no thank you from me.

Besides, I’m still traumatised by the whole Persatuan Sejarah experience back in form 4.


Reg said...

And woe to "jawatan"s with no "kuasa" and "mesyuarat"s with "makan" as the main agenda. :P

M.Zul said...

you know lah some people... as long as got jawatan it's enough.


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