Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Night Rant: Are you listening?

Service sucks in this country. It’s a fact of life I’ve long accepted. I mean, the last time I saw a smiling waiter was basically never. And there must a piece of legislation that I don’t know of that prohibits the use of terms like “can I help you?” and “thank you”, and even the whole act of smiling.

BUT I do expect people to listen at the very least…

“Service” crew: Welcome to McDonald’s…
Me: Hi. Can I have a Big Mac set meal, medium, with coke and no dessert. Having here.

“Service” crew: Set is it?
Me: Yes.

“Service” crew: What size?
Me: Er, like I said. Medium.

“Service” crew: Okay, what soft drink?
Me: Like I said, Coke.

“Service” crew: Any apple pie or sundae?
Me: Again, like I said, no dessert. I’m having he…

“Service” crew: Take away or having here?
Me: No, can you send this to my grandma’s house in Miri?

Service” crew: OK. That’ll be RM8.57.

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