Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tabloid Tales

Naturally, most of the tabloids out there focused on 3 big local entertainment stories this past fortnight, i.e.: Aziz M Osman’s divorce, the alleged assault by a 47-year-old famous singer on his 25-year-old wife and the accusation by a teenage boy that our own Raja Gelek M. Daud Kilau had sodomised him.

Mingguan Warta Perdana had the latter barring all, denying that the 19-year-old boy was his personal assistant and that he had been robbed by the boy, and the accusation came after a police report had been lodged. So who exactly is the boy to Dato Daud? “I got to know the boy about 7 months ago after bumping into him at a shopping mall,” he was quoted as saying.

Police are still investigating the case so I shall refrain from saying anything more. Although I do question the tabloid’s placement of the piece “Homoseksual punca AIDS” (“homosexuality causes AIDS”), next to the poor Dato’s profile.

And here’s another publication making its debut in this column, Getaran Jiwa

Priced at RM2.80, GJ is filled with the usual I-spotted-a-ghost features, relationship stories and sensational exposes (with plenty of interesting “gambar hiasan”).

The headline of the fortnight is again courtesy of Mingguan Warga Kota

Loosely translated: “Single girls prefer jelly guys”. Softies, in other words. And here’s the most sensational part: apparently, gals out there – especially undergrads – are into these softies not because they’re romantic, and know their way to a woman’s heart, but for their sexual prowess.

According to this report, a number of these super softies are actually getting paid for their "services" and the money’s used to fund their studies. “Mereka menawarkan harga paling rendah untuk pelajar seperti kami,” confessed one satisfied customer. While another was quoted as saying, “Mereka bijak mencari ‘suis’ untuk memuaskan kami.” (“They’re smart enough to find the right ‘switch’ to satisfy us”).
Not sure if these softies are vocational students...

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