Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Say What?

Since she's kind of the flavour of the moment, I've seen various writeups on presenter, actress, and singer Ogy Ahmad Daud in recent months.

And this particular piece came out in an English daily yesterday (not The Borneo Post). The writer started with a bit of background on Ogy and went on to call her the "female Simon Cowell".

Then came the next para...
"Recently, I watched her film Ali Setan and its sequel Ali Setan 2, both definitive 1980s Malay movies in which she (Ogy) oozed screen chemistry with Azmil Mustapha."

I have to totally disagree seeing how Ogy WAS NOT in Ali Setan 2. She dropped out of the movie and was replaced by some Sasha chick and that was why the sequel never made it big.

So the question now is, did the writer actually watch the movies before writing this piece? Or he got mata kero and didn't see that Asmidar in the 2nd film was not Ogy Ahmad Daud?

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