Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's A Good Thing!

Yes, I watch Martha Stewart on ntv7 everyday now. Well, I have the TV switched on most of the time when I’m in the office, so I kinda watch everything, all the time (Yeah, even those infomercials on getting bigger breasts. Mine are fine though, thank you).

But I actually stopped doing everything else and properly watched the show this morning ‘cos Martha had Carmen Electra as her guest! And although it was a pretty old episode, I still couldn’t stop indulging.

And for those who missed it, here’s some Carmen trivia I picked up and highlights of the show, just for you…

Prince gave the name Carmen Electra to her. “If Prince want to change my name, why not?”

She was set up on a blind date with (now ex-hubby) Dave Navarro and it was “love at first sight.”

Has done a workout video called Aerobic striptease. “I didn’t want it to be for the guys.” Uh huh.

When talking about Navarro, Electra said: “I finally got a good one.” Ahem. Really, sweetie?

She also described Navarro this way: “He’s a handsome little fellow.” Ouch. But yeah, the dude is short…

Prince and Navarro share the same birthday, June 7th.

Carmen: There’s still hair on the chicken.
Martha: Chicken has feathers Carmen. Not hair…
Carmen: Well, they look like hair…

Martha: Do you know what saffron is?
Carmen: I don’t.

“If this was like a curling iron or hairspray, I have it down, you know?” Carmen said while grating cucumbers.

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