Sunday, May 27, 2007

If Real Life Was Like Akademi Fantasia

· We’d all be dressed like Chamelon cashiers. Or worse…

· Every time we introduce ourselves, we’d follow it up with a catchphrase. “Hi, my name is Azroy. MANTAPPPP!!!”

· We’d cry for our competitors. “You made less sales than me? Huwaaa… Why? Why? Huwaaa….”

· We’d cry for just about anything. “I miss my neighbour’s brother’s cat. Huwaaa…”

· Our English will forever be that of a primary schooler's standard.

· A so-called “host” will always try to steal our thunder.

· We are encouraged to have love affairs.

· There’ll always be someone bitching about our pitching.

· At the end of everyday, we’d breakout into a theme song.

And finally…

· Fatties will never win.

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