Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Exclusive! Champions League Final Celebrity Predictions!

"Of cos I pick Liverpool to win. AC Milan may look the better team on paper, but Benitez seems to have the luck in the Champions League, and he knows how to play European clubs. Captain Steven Gerrard will also rise to the occasion. I also think there’ll be plenty of goals, maybe a 3-2 win for Liverpool. Another classic final is on the cards… "
Seelan Paul, radio personality & boss

"It’ll be an interesting match. But if Milan play with vengeance in mind, they will feel more of the pressure. Liverpool have nothing to lose and I think Dirk Kuyt will make a difference and Craig Bellamy to provide a different option. But again, if Milan play like they did against Man Utd and erase the pain of 2005 from their minds, they can win the final. "
Vince, award-winning artiste

"Liverpool will win ‘cos I said so!"
Ahmad Izham Omar, 8TV CEO

"I hope AC Milan will right the wrongs of 2005, but I also think that if they take the lead against Liverpool, they will suffer a lapse of concentration in the last 10mins. So it’ll be a close win for Milan or the Reds will steal it at the death. And oh, having a streaker on the pitch will add to the entertainment . Ha ha!"
Ain, ntv7 producer & presenter

"I watched the final in 2005 and that was a cracking game. I think Italian football has bounced back since their World Cup win. They play more attacking football these days. So I’m picking Milan to win 2-0."
Emmett, Butterfingers

“I think Milan have peaked in the competition. They gave their all in the semis, especially in the second leg. Plus, Liverpool don’t play like Man U. The Reds know how to defend. I also have a funny feeling Benitez will play Gerrard on the right and start Kewell on the left. Liverpool to win 2-1.”
Manvir, sports presenter

And what about my own prediction? Wanna ask some more, is it? Of cos I’m picking the Reds to take the trophy home. It’s gonna be tight though. Milan will definitely score, so it will take an extra time winner – and I have a funny feeling it’s gonna come from Riise – by Liverpool to break Milan (and other jealous) hearts yet again.

Catch all the action Wednesday morning 2am on ntv7


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