Monday, May 21, 2007

The 7 Coolest Things Of The Past 7 Days

1. Federer conquers (and squashes) Nadal on clay at Hamburg Masters
Get set for a memorable French Open next!

2. Heroes spinoff announced
More cool freaks on the cards…

3. The magnificent new Wembley host FA Cup final
Too bad the game between England’s two jaguh kampongs Chelsea and Man U was a snoozefest…

4. Paris to only serve half of 45-day prison sentence
If you think about it, her life story would be even more exciting now.

5. Simon Cowell now worth GBP200m
Too bad his fortunes couldn’t save Melinda.

6. Lindsay Lohan named World’s Hottest Woman by Maxim magazine
Somewhere over the rainbow…

7. Harry Potter author JK Rowling donates a “large sum” to a reward fund for a missing girl
Now that’s magic.

The 3 Uncoolest Things

1. This abominable get-up worn during the AF final
The girl is scarred for life…

2. Valentino Rossi again finishes off the podium at the French GP
We don’t like it when Valentino’s vulnerable.

3. New rumours of a Spice Girls comeback pop up
They should add another member – old spice.

1 comment:

Elyantie said...

When I saw her outfit, I figured that the stylist must be inspired by a mosquito...


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