Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday's Pop Report

Talk-show legend David “Merapu” Letterman turned 60 yesterday, and as a tribute to the man, this week’s Pop Report is done in a Top 10 format. Here is then the Top 10 Showbiz Sleaze of the Week

Brit bad girl Jordan aka Katie Price who recently moved to LA has picked a fight with countrywoman Posh (of Posh & Becks, duh) by claiming she’s indeed the hotter export. “It's not hard to be better looking than her, is it really,” she said. Girlfight!

Paris Hilton
was caught on camera holding a doggie while almost exposing her, um… you know the answer!

American Idol
-flavoured sex video will hit the stores (in US lah) early next month! But no, you won’t be seeing Antonella. Instead, it features Season Two contestant Olivia Mojica and her boyfriend. Um, Olivia who?

She looked radiant and happy on American Idol, but media reports claim that J.Lo and hubby and Marc Anthony are heading for Splitsville. Just the right time for Sanjaya to make a move, huh?

Rapper Snoop Dogg gets 5 years probation and 800 of community service for recent felony gun and marijuana violations. Perhaps a duet with Naomi Campbell will come out of this?

Sightings of hot new couple Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz have been aplenty of late. It ain’t just a scene, people…

A woman claims Chris Rock fathered her 13-year-old son and seeks child support, medical coverage and attorney fees. For the record, Chris’ latest film was I Think I Love My Wife

’s sister is now one of the hottest searches on the net. Why? Apparently there’s a picture of her with a guitar. Only a guitar.

Ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead confirmed the father of Anna Nicole’s (super damn rich) baby Dannielynn. This happened just as I was about to throw my name into the hat!

Dave claims to turning 60. He must be, at the very least, 175.

That's it for this week. Are you enjoys?

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