Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday's Pop Report

A pretty “adult” edition this week’s Pop Report will be. Guys, remember Annabel Chong? Yes, that Annabel Chong who did the dirty 251 times with 70 different men in one single VCD. Well, finally the feat is being honoured in her own home country Singapore (it's ok, we've got Babyrina), via a play entitled – what else? – 251 : Welcome to the Intimate Life of Annabel Chong.

But before you start your car to head down south, no, the play does not recreate any of her naughty scenes. In fact, Annabel herself has given up the adult life and currently works as an “IT consultant” in the US. How exciting.

In a kinda-related story, porn legend Ron Jeremy might face battery charges following a report filed by a woman alleging that RJ grabbed her boobs and signed it without her permission. But has quoted the star as saying, “I have hundreds of photos in which I'm signing women's breasts… they always ask me to do it.”

I get the same requests. But then I’d usually wake up before anything happens.

In another kinda-related story, Playboy Indonesia editor was let off the hook after a judge accepted his appeal against a conviction of “distributing indecent photos to the public”. Apparently, Hugh sent over a few congratulatory Bunnies soon after.

The hunger strike is off! Uhuh. The MySpacer “J” who vowed not to eat again until “Sucky” Sanjaya Malakar is kicked out of American Idol, had ended the strike after 16 days due to medical reasons. Or maybe he/she just couldn’t live without Beriyani…

And speaking of the marginally-talented, I’ve got to give props to Michael aka The Worst Audition Ever In The History Of Idol Anywhere In The World.

The MJ impersonator, who alleges that he could sing, and had also tried out for One In A Million and Gang Starz, finally found his place under the sun following a good audition on the local version of So You Think You Can Dance on 8TV last Thursday.

But note to organisers: Don’t ever – and I mean EVER – make him sing. The nightmare will last forever this time.

Here’s my favourite photo of the week featuring an abstastic Ms Courtney Love

That’s it for this week. Are you enjoys?

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