Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Don't crush it, man!

Man crushes are ok! Phew! And there’s no bigger authority than GQ magazine to endorse this seemingly no-go emo for guys.

According to the mag: “Straight guys have always gotten all excited about other straight guys; we’re just more open about it now. It’s kind of the opposite of don’t ask, don’t tell. If you admit to having a man crush, no one will question your hetero credentials.

BUT, there are rules to follow…

Firstly, “a man crush is NEVER about looks – it’s about character”. So it’s NOT ok if you’re into Justin Timberlake 'cos he looks hot with that 3-day beard.

Secondly, “it’s all about guys who emit an aura of power and toughness.” The winner of any Manhunt contest does not count.

Finally, if you have a man crush, “say it loud and say it proud. But don’t get overenthused.” Which means no buying of pillows with Tom Cruise’s face on it and displaying it in your car.

And by this definition, I’ve had 3 major man crushes in my lifetime:

The Man (or in this case, boy): Ricky Schroder, star of 80s sitcom Silver Spoons.
Why: In the show, Ricky lived in a big-ass house with a big-ass train set that ran through the living room. And he always had the cutest girls going after him. Of course I wanted to be him!
Stuff I Did: Tried to copy his dressing so I’d get the same cute chicks he was pulling in the show. Didn’t really work.

The Man: Michael Jordan, the greatest athlete of all time.
Why: Greatest athlete of all time.
Stuff I Did: Bought videotapes, t-shirts, jackets, caps, magazines and cards. Watched every single NBA finals game he was in over and over and over again. Wrote a song about him. Shed tears when he retired. Both times.

The Man: Amy Search, legendary frontman of rock band Search, serial marry-er.
Why: Defines rockin’ cool, charismatic, great hair (only ‘cos it signifies rebellion lah).
Stuff I Did: Built scrapbooks, attended gigs, watched Sayang although it was the worst movie ever made, called myself “Zul Search” for a couple of years.

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