Friday, March 09, 2007

The Pop Report

No matter what happens with this season’s American Idol, I’m betting my Star Wars collection that 20-year-old Antonella Barba will become a huge (haha) star. And already, the creator of Girls Gone Wild (the video series that feature girls, um, gone wild) Joe Francis, has offered USD250,000 for Antonella to host the next installment of his wildly successful video venture. I say, go for it girl! Not like the gig involves anything difficult like, you know, singing.

Even more lucrative for Antonella would be a spread (haha) in Playboy. When asked about the possibility, Playboy Pak Guru Hugh Heffner said: “Very real possibility. Yes, absolutely.” Hear that, guys?

Here’s some people who’ll DEFINITELY appear in a future episode of American Idol; Gwen Stefani, Pink, Michael Buble, Josh Groban and… BORAT! Yup, these global superstars will perform at the result show on April 25th aimed at benefiting African and American young people in need. There’s no song list yet, but I don’t mind listening to the Kazakhstan national anthem sang to the tune of the American national anthem… “Kazakhstan is the, greatest country in the world…”

Boy George did it last year and next in line for the job is supermodel and telephone abuser Naomi Campbell. Campbell was in the soup (I’m just good at this, aren’t I?) after assaulting her maid with a telephone, and after pleading guilty, the court recently fined her USD363, ordered her to undergo anger-management counseling as well as 5 days of mopping the floor as community service.

But those who can’t bear the thought of seeing the ultra-glam Naomi sweeping the floor in a jumpsuit, grab a copy of the April issue of German GQ mag where she appears nude.

Speaking of magazines, another great publication has apparently bitten the dust. This time, it’s the movie monthly Premiere. Only a couple of months ago lad rag FHM (US) came to a close. I guess on the bright side, we’re actually saving more trees. Al Gore must be pleased.

Latest to enter rehab: Eddie Van Halen. What? Are they implementing some sort of member-get-member privilege plan or something?

On the local front, Ex Malaysian Idol jury and kick-ass producer (literally!), Roslan Aziz has been announced as the new principal for the upcoming season of Akademi Fantasia. Straight away I hear the finalists have ordered approximately 3 tons of Kleenex. And adult pampers.

And yes, the Linda Onn-gate continues to intrigue conspiracy-loving Malaysians. Has she been suspended by Era FM? What took her so long to come back to KL? Was that a pair of ciplak sunglasses she wore?

That's it for this week. Are you enjoys?

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