Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Pop Report

While the world celebrated the winners of this year’s Oscars, here in Malaysia, an Oscar-related mystery has developed. For the second year running, Star TV organised an Oscar Red Carpet thingy right here in KL and as an added hype, they also sent 2 Asian personalities to the actual Red Carpet event in Hollywood. The privileged pair was Channel [V]'s Dominic and Linda Onn of Era FM.

And I guess we've all heard of what happened. When the cameras rolled and the stars started to strut their stuff on the red carpet, Linda was a no-show. Did she miss her flight? Or did she simply lost track of the time cos she didn't adjust her watch accordingly? We know now that it was because of a dress.

A freakin' dress.

I don't really need to go into the details cos really, if Jennifer Hudson could wear an ugly dress, why not you, Linda? And not like it's never happened before, anyway...

Next year, get someone more accommodating will ya? I'm sure there are tons of talent who'd do the red carpet without even wearing a dress! Now, that's great TV.

Everybody's favourite heiress Paris Hilton was also in the news this past week (But of course). Driving with the headlights off and with a suspended license to boot, Paris apparently violated her probation terms and now faces up to 90 days in jail.

On behalf of the Paris-Posse™, plase don’t jail the girl! We need her to be free to amuse and entertain us 24/7. What good would it do society to keep her in the slammer? How are we to survive 90 days of Paris-free existence?

Then again, Hollywood might just survive the ordeal what with the impending invasion of the Beckhams. Soon after David appears on the cover of men’s mag Details, Posh scored a deal with NBC to do a reality series about her move from London to L.A. It should be a hit, provided David is not given a speaking role, that is.

Maybe I’m wrong about Britney after all. What was thought to be an impulsive decision has proven to be a calculated trend-setting move. Just a few days after she shocked the world by shaving her head bald, there's been sighting of at least one A-list copycat...

That's it for this week. Are you enjoys?

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