Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday's Pop Report

Was it just a coincidence or were the American Idol producers simply giving the American public a taste of what’s really coming? I’m talking about last week’s “British Invasion” theme and the impending reality of it.

We all know that Posh and Becks will soon lead the invasion when they move to LA in a couple of months time. And now they’ve got some “huge reinforcements” in the form of Jordan, aka Katie Price.

Clueless? This is she…

Holy Howcanthosepossiblybereal Batman!

Anyway, the news is that American cable channel the E! network has acquired the rights to air Jordan's previously broadcast UK reality show, and I’m pretty sure her past dirt (and she’s got loads of it, trust me) will be dug up and served on the American public. Price is right indeed!

Speaking of reality shows, it seems that “Sucky” Sanjaya’s survival on Idol could now lead to a real tragedy. A MySpacer only known as “J” has gone on a hunger strike (it’s been more than 10 days now), and she’s sworn not to touch even a snickers bar until Sanjaya is sent home. Gandhi would have been proud. Or, maybe not.

Remember that sexy duet oldie Willie Nelson recorded with Jessica Simpson for The Dukes of Hazard soundtrack?

Looks like the weed-lovin' country legend is making sexy duets his new habit. His new partner in crime (the most appropriate word, this)? "Montok" Mariah Carey. "She and I hung out and decided to do something together," Willie was quoted as saying.

But why not just share some grandpa stories, grandpa?

On the local front, more photos of local singers, hosts and thespians in all sorts of poses have surfaced. Hey, doesn’t this just prove that we’re producing more multi-talented (and multi-faceted) artistes?

That's it for this week. Are you enjoys?

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