Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Breakfast Club

One of the main reasons why I took up the job at Men’s Review magazine back in 2002 was the exciting prospect of hosting The Breakfast Club column.

The column was founded by Lyle Skosey (yes, he of the City of The Rich debacle, I mean, fame) and the format was simple; chat up KL’s most beautiful babes over breakfast, before they’re fully glammed up and sober (well, not all the time).

After Lyle left the country, Harith Iskander took over and kept the tradition alive nicely. And the column got all the major names to participate; from beauty queens and models, to A list actresses and singers.

But for my own Breakfast Club hosting debut, we added a little twist. Since Lyle had returned to Malaysia then, we decided to turn the tables on him and make him the interview subject instead. And he’d be subjected to the same sexist queries he was famous for.

That’s not all though. We gave Lyle the name J.Loh, and dressed him up in drag… something I swear he totally enjoyed!

It was a wild and weird experience on so many levels. But the interview was fun, naughty and sexy (somehow).

Interestingly, not many people caught the joke, although we dropped many hints, and kept calling the office to know who was this “mat salleh drag queen”. Even years after the piece was published, those who knew Lyle were still in the dark about the whole thing. Probably we shouldn’t have hired such a good make-up artiste…

Excerpts from the interview…

Thank you for taking time off to talk to us. We know you’re a very busy person.
It’s my pleasure to be here because to be in the same column with stars such as Ning Baizura, Paula Malai Ali and Maya Karin is such a great honour. Of course I was looking forward to be interviewed by, no offense, Lyle Skosey as I’m such a great admirer of his but I think you’re kinda cute as well

I’m truly flattered. So you’ve met Lyle before?
It’s funny you say that. I met Lyle and it was almost love at first sight. We seemed to have so much in common.

And curiously, you two kinda look alike…
Well, people quite often ask if we were related. But no, we are not related although we might have had a relationship before.

So, um… How many people have you slept with?
I’m not the type to kiss and tell but I wanna make it clear that Hans Isaac and I are just good friends. And while I've been often seen with Harith Iskander, it’s just because he makes me laugh. Okay?

Do you like Malaysian men?
The problem with Malaysian men is that they’re just too shy. And it’s only after a few drinks that they aren’t shy and then they’re too straight forward.

Foreign men?
Let’s just say they can’t all be Lyle Skosey. I suppose what really turns me off is that mat salleh men don’t wash their ass with soap and water after they go. Ya know?

So, what do you look for in a guy?
I like 80s men because they’re more sensitive. Somebody ambitious, charming and cute. Somebody like you!

Er… ha ha ha…

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