Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Party’s Over For FHM US…

Can’t believe I completely missed this bit of news! I was at One Utama a couple of days ago when I saw the latest FHM US issue on the newsstand with the incredible cover-line – LAST ISSUE EVER!

Apparently, the announcement was made way back in mid-December and the current March issue was closed before the New Year.

With a monthly circulation of 1.25m copies, FHM has always been no 2 behind Maxim in the US, a totally different scenario from the UK where FHM outsells all competitors combined every single month, Maxim included. The closure was attributed to “the difficult trading conditions in the US market.”

Personally, because FHM landed on our shores a bit later, I was instantly hooked on Maxim US since I bought the first copy at this place in the basement of Kotaraya. Baywatch was still the TV show for adult young men then and Maxim delivered the likes of Carmen Electra and Gena Lee Nolin to us, usually wrapped in the most minimal of clothings.

But then came FHM Malaysia which delivered the same stuff with a local touch (this was before the whole Ning Baizura curse), and I simply switched from paying RM22.50 to RM8.80. And when I started working for FHM, the US edition became one of my favourites for its true life features, sports stories and funny interviews. Okay, okay… and the big brigade of babes as well lah.

But one of the true highlights of FHM US for me was the discovery of one Vida Guerra (which has her own separate link on the website) – via a lingerie shoot back in 2002. With body parts you’ve got to see to believe, Vida’s now a model, actress and most recently, recording artiste. All made possible by the support and affection (let’s just call it that, okay?) of millions of FHM readers.

The good news though is that the online version,, will live on and deliver the sexy, funny and useful from Bushland.

To the editor Scott Gramling and team, thanks for the awesome issues and stay sexy always dudes!

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