Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mukhsin's the name

There was a press screening of the award-winning film on Tuesday at GSC Mid Valley and after hinting several times at the organizers, I received an invitation eventually (Thanks Iesta! I’ve got the ‘stuff’ you requested, come over when you’re free).

The who’s who of the local entertainment industry was there: David Teo, Osman Ali, Fatimah Abu Bakar’s entire clan (73 pax), Habsah Hassan, Ning Baizura and of course, Yasmin and her cast and crew.

Anyway, in return for that last minute invite, I am obligated to blog about the movie. But since there were other qualified bloggers in attendance, I have no doubt they’ll come up with much better reviews that contain fancy words such as keanggunan sinematografi, kebobrokan politik and fatamorgana (maybe not the last one).

I’ll stick to the simple stuff.

Mukhsin’s a story bout this boy, Mukhsin (duh), who hooks up with cutie Orked after first laying eyes on her at a kampong playground. He’s 12, she’s 10. They then climb some trees, fly some kites and basically bum around during the school holidays.

Things then get a little touchy then (literally and figuratively) and soon they were no longer climbing trees and flying kites because it's kinda complicated emotionally. Oh yeah, there’s also a cool Vespa somewhere in there.

So if you’ve always liked Yasmin’s stories and the way her movies look, make sure you buy a ticket when Mukshin opens on March 8th.

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