Friday, February 23, 2007

The (first ever) Pop Report

* Your weekly pop culture, er, report

It was an easy week for goss-gatherers the world over as Britney Spears went on a psycho-streak that included checking herself into rehab (twice), shaving her head bald and, according to some, attempted suicide (also twice). I can safely say that Britney has now become one of those figures guys imagine when they need to tame an unwanted hard-on: “Garbage, grandma’s false teeth, Britney Spears… good boy.”

I want this Britney…

Yes, with the snake and everything.

Apparently, there’s been a leak of one of GNR’s Chinese Democracy’s tracks on the web recently. Yawn. There was a time when I get hysterical by the mere mention of Axl Rose and his “upcoming album”. But it’s been 73 years. I don’t bloody care anymore. Unless it’s really in the stores this year…

On the local front, the hook-up of the moment seems to be the one involving Hans Isaac and Erra Fazira. Dude apparently gave the former Ms Malaysia a Rolex watch for her birthday but she says it was only a gift from a good friend. Hans, we’re good friends, aren’t we? Where’s my freakin’ Aquaracer? But my own sources say that there’s indeed something going on here. Watch this space. That’s a pun right there. Get it? Ha ha.

And speaking of hook-ups, AF1 champ Vince was recently spotted, um, meeting up with hot Hannah Tan who was hotly decked in hot pants at the Curve. It was a hot day indeed. Phew!

20th Feb marked the late great Kurt Cobain’s 40th birthday, and most music-based websites appropriately ran tributes in his honour. I still remember vividly that moment when I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit for the very first time. It was in a hostel room and I was completely blown away. I even remember what I said then. “Shit! Siapa ni?” I was sold. Strangely, I can’t quite recall where I was when I heard the news of his suicide. I guess that’s just how I always want to remember Kurt; for the incredible music that he made, rather than his sad and tragic ending…

American Idol semis got underway and the boys flopped big time. And I think I’ve seen the worst goatee ever in the history of facial hair (Dave Navarro included). Sundance, please take a bow. And Sanjaya, your sister kencing-ed you, dude. That wasn’t a good song for you, and you know it. Paul Kim, ATT Kala-ok called. They want you to come back.

That’s it for this week. Are you enjoys?

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aziya said...

hah?.... Vince "hooked-up" with Hannah Tan???.. hahahahahahha... Good Boy... Good Boy...


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