Friday, February 09, 2007

Claim To Fame : Got Choked by The Big Show

Me: Can we take a picture?
Big Show: Sure.
Me: Can you choke me?
Big Show: What? You sure?
Me: Yeah, it’s gonna be coo…errrkkkkkkkkk
Big Show: Ha ha! I hope I didn’t hurt you.
Me: Er… no. Thanks du… eeeeerkkkkk (snap!)

Standing at 7’1” and weighing 500lbs, WWE superstar The Big Show looks even more monstrous in person. I got the opportunity to meet up with the man when he was in town for a promo tour back in 2001.

The interview location was at the old KL Hilton and as I entered the presidential suite, I saw this mountain of a man sitting at the dining table devouring a spread big enough to feed the entire population of SS2. He had burgers, fries, pizzas, pastas, drinks as well as some local food on the table.

When I asked him what his diet was, Mr. Show replied: “I’m on a seafood diet. I see food and eat.” Ha ha.

Excerpts of the interview first published in the Sept. 2001 issue of Men’s Review:

What’s the most inconvenient part about being such a big man?
Small cars and small chicks! My fiance’s got a 2001 corvette convertible and I have to squeeze into it like hell. My head will be sticking out on the side like a gangster… I love her car but there’s no way in hell I’ll be able to go farther than 10 miles without cramping.

How do you remain friends with people who whack you on the head with chairs?
Well, it depends. If somebody splits my head open, I’m not going to be too happy about it! But seriously, it’s business. Trust me, you want a friend to whack you on the head with a chair, rather than have an enemy do it. It’s a business and it’s part of what we do. We’re paid to do it and nothing in that ring is about anger. I pretend to be bad and angry but there was never ever an instance when I really wanted to hurt a guy or something,

The hardest manuever you have to perform?
Lacing up my boots! There are a lot of laces for me to tie up.

Would you trade this for anything else?
No way. I wanted to play pro basketball but I never had the ability. And I had doubts about if I really wanted to do that all my life. But since I’m in this business, I always say to myself, “I’m thankful that I’m here and I love this.” Sometimes I feel like I’m the luckiest man on the planet since I’m being paid to do what I love.

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