Friday, January 26, 2007

Percayalah Sayang!

… is my latest collaboration with AF1 champ and award-winning artiste, Vince. It’s one of the two new songs in his repackaged album due out any day now. The album also includes his first and biggest hit (and our first collaboration as well), Mengapa Harus Cinta and Cinta Cinta Cinta.

It was pretty fast how Percayalah Sayang was put together. Vince called one fine day and said he needed words for this song which would be the lead single for his repackaged album. Of course I said yes and the dude emailed me the MP3.

The melody’s definitely different from his other compositions with some pretty interesting blues and rock elements. After listening to it a few times, I thought of going on the theme of soul-mates. The instruction was: “lovey dovey, but NOT cheesy lah”.

I emailed him the first draft and we met up at a Starbucks to discuss things further. After we sort of finalized things, Vince actually whipped out a microphone, plugged it into his lap top, opened up the file and did the vocals right there and then! In the middle of a freakin’ Starbucks! Of course we were tucked away in one corner lah, and people were incredibly oblivious to the whole ‘recording process.’

After that was done, the track was emailed to the folks at EMI.

A couple of days later Vince called and invited me to the studio for the actual recording. Produced by Jenny Chin, we did some minor adjustments to the lyrics and Vince had all the important parts in the bag that very day. Sinus, or no sinus.

The new arrangement by Jenny’s pretty cool as well and I think his fans will be a tad surprised by this particular track. Not his usual balada thingy.

All the best dude! And hope we’ve just made another hit!


Amelia said...

hahaa...vince seriously just plugged in his mic there ar starbucks?? man! u rock vince! hahaa...i love the song..seriously..very different..yet entertaining..good job!!

aziya said...

Muhahaha..... new technology make everything easy.... i like the song really...


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