Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hello... again

Yup, 2.0 means this is supposed to be a better version of my original blog (btw, how come Microsoft Word still identifies the word ‘blog’ as an error?) but the truth is, I abandoned after my laziness stretched on for quite a bit. And when the blogging mood came back, it was too late to re-start and new technologies meant I could start all over again with new blogging tools to boot. So here I am…

Of course I’d still need a focus to make this blog ‘compelling reading’, but since I wear all sorts of hats, it’s kind of hard for me to choose just one thing to blog about. But of course I’ll have SEX – something that made me (in)famous recently – and some celebrity pictures and gossip (you like, huh?). What I won’t do is talk about my pet armadillo or my underwear brand (skinxwear, btw).

So 2.0 will effectively be a bunch of stuff that I’ve written, experienced and done over the years. And since I spent a number of years editing lad rag FHM (Malaysia), I’ll definitely bring on the babes, and the bikinis. Well, maybe…

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