Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Showdown" in Cinemas 28/1/2016! #showdownthemovie

It has taken a pretty long while, but "Showdown" will be in cinemas 28th January 2016! Yup, finally! I started writing the screenplay some three years ago, and after several revisions, shooting started in mid-2013. So it's been quite a wait for everyone involved :)

But anyway, a couple of private previews had been organised these past couple of months, including one at One Utama recently.

With producer Tengku Iesta and legendary rap trio, Nico! (Yes, that classic Nico tune is featured in the film)
With director Khai Bahar and Hafiz (who plays himself in the film)

With super-talented 14-year-old Benladin who also gets to strut his stuff in Showdown

Two guys trying hard to be hip-hop. Haha. With Esma Daniel

There was also another preview a couple of months back at Basecamp studios in Ampang. That was the first time I got to see the cast and crew again after such a long while.

Stay tuned for more updates and in the meantime, do spread the word!

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

Saturday, October 10, 2015

And The Fitness Journey Continues...

It's Hari Sukan Negara today (10/10/2015), so I think it's only appropriate to further share my refreshed fitness journey which began in 2011 when I caught the running bug after signing up as one of the "celebs" to promote and run the first-ever ntv7 Feel Good Run.

The following year, I started a community running project "Larian 40 Taman", which I heavily promoted on the show I was co-hosting on TV3, "Malaysia Hari Ini". The project was a successful one (if I may say so myself), and all 40 runs were completed in a year, which took me to 9 Malaysian states, as well as to Singapore, Melbourne and London.

Apart from my own Larian 40 Taman, I also started taking part in events all over the country, and slightly overseas we well :)

But from 2014 onwards, I decided to do more weight training. I was a lean 77kgs after all the running excursions (which meant I had lost some 15kgs), but my goal was now to add some muscle mass and continue with some cardio. These past two years, I've entered like 2 events annually only, but yes, I do miss the adrenaline and camaraderie of running together with a few thousand other people. 

But weights are my passion now and I hit the gym 3/4 times a week; weekdays at the condo gym and weekends at Fitness First. 

For me as well, that often-heard advice "listen to your body" is something I adhere to. It can be too hectic at work, and the daily commute sometimes takes up to 3 hours, to and fro, so when a good rest is needed, that's exactly what I'll do. 

Also, there are problem areas for me; like my abs. But hey, since I'm not training to compete in any "body cantik" competish, I am down with that. Plus, I try to eat clean most of the time, but that doesn't mean I'm all broiled chicken and broccoli. Still love my burgers and chips!

But yeah, I do feel fitter, Alhamdulillah. I seldom come down with anything, and I just feel better overall. So, if you're still thinking about it, get on the bandwagon right away! It's worth it, I can assure you... : )

Monday, October 05, 2015

M. Zul Reviews...

So, I just started a new web series called "M. Zul Reviews..." where I'll be (surprise, surprise), reviewing stuff including films, music, TV shows, food etc.

For the first ever episode, I review the film "Everest". Thanks for watching and do subscribe!

PS: I'm still working on a lot of things including an opening montage and basically the whole flow of the show. Gimme a couple of eps, ya...

PPS: My daughter Tia actually helped me to edit! :)


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